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Knowledge is Power and God has given it to us to use for His glory!!!

This site is about accepting the relationship God wants us to have with Him and others. This requires challenging the status quo on where and how we see God and believe that our current understanding of God is not all there is to God, and continue to seek Him with our whole heart, mind, and soul and ask for His wisdom which He will give as we follow His spirit and be His obedient children.  Remember that our fallen human nature is tempted to accuse and abuse that which one does not understand. If you find thoughts like this occurring, you know you are fighting evil and need to pray for discernment and help. Our country was founded on the premise for following God freely. We have fallen as a nation away from being dependent on Him and it is time to return. Break through religion that says  "I know" and become humble and seek God and HE WILL HEAL OUR NATION.


I was escaping death four different ways in 2007 and was struggling to want to keep fighting to live. One door to death was was being sick with pneumonia with a stiff neck and symptoms of bacterial meningitits. A second was anorexia; no desire to eat and give nutrition to my body as I got under a hundred pounds and going lower. I was trying to choose life, it was just becoming more difficult as the occasions to struggle with the feeling of helplessness continued into the thid struggle- suicidial ideation. This got much worse after starting anti-depressants. I knew my will couldn't hold long against the constant rampage of ideas coming of the ways I could end the suffering. The fourth was a benign brain tumor at the hypothalamus (center of the skull, requiring brain surgery to remove). This tumor accounted for all of my ongoing symptoms.

Every time my husband made a mistake (stood me up, blew me off, lied, denied, minimized or rejected) my emotions, sleep, attention, eating and feelings of safety went berserk. When the tumor was found after a horse riding accident, I had just ben to specialists to find out why, when I ate, I mentally crashed.  Additionally, my hearing was so sensitive that it was like nails on a chalkboard just hearing my beautiful children playing. I gained some relief from wearing "sleeping" ear plugs most every waking hour. I found some relief for most of the other symptoms in homeopathy, acupressure, acupuncture, therapeutic massage, and even reiki. Insurance didn't cover most of these alternative therapies and legislature made it illegal in MS for acupuncturists and midwives to practice without medical degrees in, so I drove to TN every 2 weeks. I could've saved a lot of money, stress, and time accessing these less invasive methods locally until I could get right with God and be healed.

Knowing GOD CAN DO WHAT pharmaceuticals and Doctors do; He WANTS US TO COME TO HIM FIRST RATHER THAN LAST. And yet, it's still a struggle getting out of my comfort zone, making the paradign shift and KNOWING God IS all HE SAYS and going for His help first.

According to scripture, drugs-pharmakia is a form of control-witchcraft. I'm thankful for our God-given intelligence used to bringy any relief that doesn't cause more problems than what we started out with. Please do not think I am bashing our God-given intelligence used through medicine! God knows our hearts and only sees us thru the blood of Christ washing out our sins and wickedness of our flesh filled hearts; regardless whether or not we get free or die; He loves us anyway. He wants us free; and understands our struggle as He came in the flesh to provide a way to overcome all that ails us. I am thankful for the drugs we need to take until we meet Him in His ever readu willingness to heal all our disease.

An argument against this teaching says our spiritual weakness is not connected to illness because of two parts in the Bible (and whereby ignoring all the other connections, and-if proclamations, and direct correlations between the mind/body). The first and primary argument is when the people asked Jesus if the blind man or his parents’ sins were the cause of his blindness. Jesus said this was not the case, but so that God could be glorified….and the man was healed. Genetic defecs or generational curses either one have to bow under the authority of the blood thats been propitiated. This is being shown in science and is called epigenetics. When we overcome; we literally change our genes.

The second part against God’s naturally created mind/body connections in scripture is where God allowed Paul’s suffering. Paul says, “God’s grace is sufficient for me”.

Grace can be defined as God’s ability! I have the diagnosis of a postive rH factor; the predecessor of Rheumatoid Arthritis. I've also been diagnosed with Chronic Frozen shoulders, sciatica and osteoarthritis that God has allowed me to apply His grace to, rely on the shed blood and knowledge with repentance to not be overtaken from these spiritually rooted weaknesses. I understand enough about them to realize they may be lifetime ruts that take a lifetime to stay out of. Until then, I still have peace that surpasses all understanding and I will not be handicapped and I will not be on steroids to stay free...Praise God and to His glory!! However, if I let my flesh take over and fail to transfer my emotional pain to the cross in exchange for His cleansing blood; I could need meds for relief to get back in His ways of peace. I am so delighted to see others who have figured this out too!! This is a paradigm shift and a heart change. God is a heart God. This only requires some understanding (belief) in God's word and the w ork that His Son came and finished for us!!

He shows us the example of “speaking those things that aren’t as if they were”. Let us get out of our limiting religious ways and get into believing God’s Word above our own prideful self-righteous knowing. “My people perish for lack of knowledge”. We are held accountable for our ignorance. He honors His Word above all else, it’s where our faith comes from, and He honors faith because it is the product of the seed of His Word that we must plant to know His Word and to know Him. “He will show signs and wonders to all those who believe in My Name” Mark 16:17; Matthew 24:24.

How I probably came to be so sickly:

Some of the most beautiful people I've ever met were from my growing up days in Poplar Bluff, MO. It was there I decided I wanted to be like them...beautiful and loving to all. Making the best of tough circumstances, a last minute decision led me to move to KS at 16 to finish H.S., what a gift some people were to my life there. The Tammy Stewart family and friends who took me in, shared with me, bragged on me...they said I was good...I started believing...Lived on the road with Kimmy 2 years...moved to MI...continued growing in the belief that I could find peace. Believed in Christ and didn't get His power at all. I was taking care of me the best I could.

Moved back to P.B. and got married. A sweetheart "good old boy"...I knew I'd go to Med school and didn't need money...Until my newborn and 2 year old were staying home with a practically jobless Dad who not only did not look for jobs, he turned them down. I was teaching H.S. Science/Math and had a 2nd job...

Didn't believe God enough to invest in the dream He gave (Shaw Group), I've never again had anything like a dream where I knew I was to take my last thousand and invest it...which would've paid for our house at the time and I could've remained relatively happy and married.

But I did move to Oxford and finished my undergrad in Chem/Physics, remarried, (a funny, strong and faithful man who has taught me God is the only one in the world I can totally entrust my precious heart with). I chose my family over med school,and went to help others thru earning a  masters in leadership and counselor education.

The signed agreement for child custody from my first marriage wasn't honored in court (where I thought we were finalizing that agreement, not having a custody battle...thanks to my sweet-guy attorney John Scott who swore we were ready...even though I told him my daddy said "don't walk into the courtroom if witnesses are going in"...(dad had the boys and I was there alone) but I knew nobody could say anything bad about me, even though my mom, grandma and an old skating friend were witnesses against me (they said they were just talking good about him), and my boys were required to stay in MO. with a Dad who had no job and no place to live the day of court. He told the court he had a little house, he even brought a picture. It was the picture of my Uncle's run-down one bedroom. I believe this was the trauma that underlies my diagnosis of the debilitating "incurable" disease of rheumatoid arthritis. Science shows almost all with Rheumatoid Arthritis diagnosis have an underlying trauma in their past. Now I pray that every God-seeking person will learn how to walk out of the 80% with God rather than just managing symptoms.

Since then, I've never "MEANT TO" not trusted God again (EVEN THOUGH I'VE RECENTLY DISOBEYED HIS WORD to me THROUGH DELAYED OBEDIENCE, no matter what evidence I have contrary to what He says (My body, medicine, doctors, emotions)BECAUSE OF EVIDENCE I RATIONALIZED.  The result of disobedience is always death to something.

I was beyond skeptical with this book "A more excellent way" that claimed 80% of all incurable disease had a spiritual root, and also beyond desperate. I decided if the book was ten percent true it was worth checking out. I have evidenced enough now to believe all of it most all the time is true. (How's that for a true scientist from Missouri--keep showing the data to me!)

Four days into the 50-hour week program of washing in the word, renewing of the mind, and very organized deliverance (weird for a Baptist girl, wouldn't have done it if I hadn't been desperate), I felt relief from some of the symptoms I'd suffered for as long as I remembered. My countenance was lighter, as I awoke on my fourth morning with a giggle (VERY unusual, if not unheard of).

It would take too many words to try and describe this, and it still wouldn't do justice to the fog that seemed to lift. Days later I noticed I no longer needed to swallow all the time as my my allergies were no longer causing me have a sinus drip, and since this time, I've no longer suffered the seasonal allergies that had been with me as long as I remember. I also left behind my long-term temptation to smoke those nasty things that I had thrown away a long time ago. I was also loosed from constant neck cricks- requiring a special pillow and frequent visits to the chiropractor-which told me my visits would need to be life long maintenance. I also left behind something that was so normal, I didn't even recognize it as abnormal. It was a constant "whooshing" feeling that came with any little thought that was highly fear based. My fight or flight system was going constantly- big stressor!  For awhile after this deliverance, I knew my weakness with stress, striving and drivenness causing chronic "frozen shoulder", but I didn't know how to stop the weakness.

I prayed to God for help through it, got one steroid shot, and found the next step for me towards God. "Impact Ministries" with James B. Richards helped me to apply the bridge to God's healing through what Christ has already done for me. I no longer feel a need to "overcome" and get past my weaknesses in order to participate in my inheritance of prosperity. Jesus saved me and paid for my weakness. My car tag says this, most people think it is referring to money, I leave my car dirty for awhile so I can complete the message and add Jesus (in the dust) before the "SVDNPD4" and ME afterwards.


So, the symptoms believed to be associated with the brain tumor are gone, but the tumor isn't! Now God tells us Satan will come back and bring seven more if the place is still available (I've learned keeping filled in God's word, praise, worship, etc. works well, unless or until, I mess up...like suicidal ideation returned when I agreed with the thought of helpless/hopeless; and when my fight or flight system "whooshing" going off 24/7 (over nothing but a thought) returned when I couldn't please someone enough (that's a great story). So I recognized my fault, repented (humbly asked God to forgive me, disagreed with my messed up thinking and told "it" to get out), and was running again in peace in no time.

Also, I went back to my doctor a few months later and told them to run the test for Rheumatoid Arthritis, I knew it would be that one because of the profile...self-attack of all autoimmune diseases as opposed to other attack of Osteoarthritis. Most all of my symptoms, including the benign brain tumor, fall under the categorical profile of "self-attack" issues.

I've learned about the connection between my thoughts and my body's response and health. When something's going on in my body...from gas pains (connected to when I'm feeling especially out of place cute/ thinking about my outer appearance...still don't understand that one), to arthritis symptoms (emotional pain coming from the inside that I carry and then my every joint feels pain), to cricks in the neck (out of occultism-defined as looking to something other than God...), or frozen shoulder(s) (stress related trying and striving too much to get along with my sister-in-law or even my husband), or my families issues of sleep apnea and snoring (connected and interrelated to not feeling good enough); digestive issues (fear related), high blood pressure (worry about tomorrow), allergies and even sinus infections.

I've studied different Biblical based healing ministries and scriptural support for healing and found them to be tremendously healing and helpful in my life and a whole body of other believers.

Now, I come most alive when I am sharing the grace bestowed to me with others. All the resources I have found and used are yours for the taking. Most people find it helpful to read the books. Yet, it is even more powerful to hear the information presented and told, and yet, another level of understanding occurs when you see true testimony given. It is my prayer that every one with need will find an opportunity to hear and get the seeds of faith, hope, and love nurtured into your own eternal preservation.

Come see us at HHH (Hospitality Healing Home) for women, just outside of Oxford. Our brochure is available under counseling/consulting, and maybe even addictions.

I have volunteered as a group leader and counselor for years at the best drug re-hab place around (Haven House) until recently. I have been let go and told they can't require the participants to hear about God...even though all the feedback from clients said they never felt "pushed" about God. So that door was closed, and now I am sowing seeds of hope for others through this site and contacts made and into our very God based "Hospitalilty Healing Home" for women. "Branch of Hope" is a similar place where men are served using God's word and putting Him in the business that belongs to Him. I know and have been so encouraged from others who also know that God is the winner of all battles. THE END of the Bible is for Satan, and the rest of God's word is for us.

I also do Christian counseling part-time with women and children, home-school, and humbly seek God and His truth in dying to myself daily and accepting who I am in Christ and all that he has given.

I am convinced there are as many beautiful, miraculous stories in the world as there are sadness, gloom, and despair. If you have one to share, or know someone who does, please let them share on this site. The more we hear about the guardian angels shuffling kids out of windows while a bomber person insanely tries to take them into the next life, the more we begin to grow in our faith that God is much bigger than what we know and He wants to be seen and known more. His glory is for our sake, happiness and peace for real life, truth, and a way worth pursuing!!



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Family Care Clinic- Medical Asst./ Physician's Asst. (1991-1993)

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  • We offer communication  and help through different modalities and intensities for women and their families. If you have a medical diagnosis, contact us with the details and we can begin to help you understand the probable underlying mind/body connections. This makes it much easier to believe God for the healing. Accepting your healing is not easy, but it is simple.

    Better living, Addictions, and walk-out from disorder and dis-ease support (females and/or Marriage and Family) is readily available when you ask. Additional Information is found under "To Your Health" tab and then "Crisis/Healing House", or just search them in our search box


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