Good News and The Truth About Job

It is great news to us that God came as a man, acted as a man, and everything he did he did as a man to be our example of what we could do as men through the power of the Holy Spirit. This is the kingdom inside us that superceeds the natural laws on Earth.

When we confess Gods truths and persuade our hearts to believe His finished work, our lives mirror Christ in us. The old things pass away and all things become Christ!!

Our old man has been resurrected through Jesus and we are in Him and He is in us.

We are now able to go boldly to the throne of grace and have anything Jesus provided. He finished the work, all we do is agree (believe) to have what He has paid for. This includes hope for all healing in our pain from relationships, emotions, or the physical consequences of this fallen world.

God set it up for us to be right with Him, have access to His grace, and the payment for our iniquity, sin, and all transgressions has already been covered.

Once we get how loved we are, our identiy becomes so firmly planted as His child that we no longer escape His grace (ability) to see the work He has begun in us, that pertains to us, to come to perfection.


The Truth about Job

God is not schizophrenic or an Indian giver.  He did not give and take away. He allows Satan (prince of the air, ruler of this world) to wreak havoc on Earth for a finite period of time. Satan has to get in by someone following his law..fear. Eve fell for his telling her God hadnt told them everything, He was holding back. She fell when Adam went with her instead of going to and with God.

We choose blessings of God or curses fron Satan. We choose who is our our actions. We get the chastening when we have natural consequences for following ways that are not Gods ways. Our ways or His, do a Bible study with a Strongs concordance for understanding the Words and see there has always been a choice.

God has always expected us to identify enemies of our hearts and relationship with God and rid them completely.

The first and last of Job is a truthful conversation between our only good God and the only lying, killing, stealing Satan. God did all t blessing, Satan did all the stealing, killing, destroying. Job from the beginning opened the door giving Satan the right. He continually feared for his children.

The rest of Job are mistaken viewpoints and words from those without understanding. God said to Job toward the end, will you darken my countenance to make yourself seem righteous? And Job repented and said, "before I knew you only in part, and now I know you."  " And God blessed the latter days of Job even more than the beginning."

God uses the bad for His good, it's a promise. You can look at that as God doing the bad, and in a way, it can be seen, although He says do not say when you are tempted that it is from God.


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