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You are more than your diagnosis. You may have symptoms of disease and disorder, but you are not disease and disorder. You are who God says you are...and until you have a greater understanding of where you stand with God, it is unwise and highly discouraged to stop medical care and the pharmaceutical drugs you may be currently prescribed. Eventually, medical miracles happen. Some sooner than others, and remember...God is no respector of persons....what He has done for one He will do for another. Our job is to catalyze the circumstances in which God can do His stuff. You get the information and act on it, and change will occur spontaneously and more often than not...immediately.

 The easy part is seeing the consistent researched causes behind most sickness and dis-ease. The challenge is in keeping God's requirements (and getting that happens because of His grace) and growing your faith (comes from hearing the word...from the grace of God) and trusting God. Trusting that God will help you even when you have not figured out how to change your "flesh" that keeps you from enjoying all of His promises and blessings. That is His finished work made accessible to each of us through His son Jesus Christ. This is the good news that will set you free. With your honesty, humility, and willingness to honor your creator....you will change and get in line with all that His word has spoken. 


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