Knowledge won't change anything; Wisdom is the practical application of Knowledge

Get wisdom above all else...Forgiveness is just a choice. It isn't easy, but it's simple. Lord, help!


Life and Love hurt because we are humans in a fallen world. God is merciful (kind when we do not seserve it) and only ever wants to love us. He sent Jesus to be the sacrifice for us to be right with God (righteous) and escape His necessary hate/wrath toward sin.

Jesus never hurt us. We killed Him. He forgave us all, for we know not what we do. Jesus sent away the pain by choice. He chose to think of the truth that all the offenses came from people acting stupid.

You do not want to carry the pain of unforgiveness. It serves no helpful purpose and is destructive. Paul links forgiveness in 2 cor. "if you forgive, then you show you are not ignorant of Satan's devices".

Gal. 2:22 I do not frustrate the grace of God

So now you make your choice. We make a decision to be obedient to His will and His grace shows up to help us get out of the pain. Upon our obedient decision given from our free will, His grace will cause us to feel like forgiving and feel the relief forgiveness brinngs.

This is a promise from God, go ahead, be obedient (He says is better than sacrifice) and watch Him show out in you, for you, and for His relationship with you that shows His glory.

John 20 Says If you forgive the sins of any, they are remitted (mastered-sent away). If you do not, you hold on to them.

Say it now, clenched fists, tears, and tight jaws are ok, yell it if you want to, "Ok God, I forgive them, now help me!!"

He knew it sets us free, he has made us this way. The stress leaves our bodies, our minds remember, but the pain leaves. There will no longer be that high octane "ping" when you think about that situation? You are free in this area...congratulations and keep going,

He wants you free in every area of your life. Abundant joy, life, love and in every way you can imagine and beyond!  It is a promise! "who the son sets free is free indeed!" "He came so we can have life more abundantly"

Now,  we either get our security from being right (control can combine with a deep need to be right...ouch for all of us!) or We get our security in the safety of Jesus, knowing it is ok to make mistakes and God is not mad at us when we are wrong. Then it is safe to learn. We will seek truth rather than "knowing" we already know and refusing to open our eyes and ears.

So....if you are still holding on to what someone did this again and choose obedience....for yourself and your freedom.

Jesus wants us to know. He wants us to get it. He came to show us how.

He is the example, and He wants us to be just like Him. He says He is in us and we are in Him.

We are joint heirs to the kingdom of God. We are here to love Him, ourselves, and others.

In Him, we are more than conquerors and can do all things!

Forgiveness means you remember the instance, but you no longer choose to hold the pain connected to it. You are free to let go of the pain, but it does not mean you are a door mat to go receive more pain.

Proverbs says we are cautious in relationships. Our trust is based on someone's track record. Reconciliation is for repentant hearts. We can mercifully overlook someone's weak areas to be kind. That doesn't mean forgetting their weak spots and trust them.

We are to honor others. This is true in as much as they are honoring theWord of God. This comes from the truth that says we are to have a perfect hatred for God. When someone is against God, I will honor God and His word above all else. This is true even with family. Jesus said His family were the ones listening to Him, learning from Him and seeking Him.

This is where the sin in us needs to be separated from the precious children of God we are called to be. Hate the sin and always love the sinner. That does not mean trust them in their weak spots.

"Love your neighbor as yourself" remembers how Christ forgives and will continue to forgive and love us anyway. Paul spoke about the "sin acted out in him that he did not want." We all need grace to be more than we ever could ever hope for.

Remember the priorities...

God, self and spouse, kids, work, fellow believers & church family, rest of the world & ministry.


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