Marriage and Family

Most Unfortunately, many couples wait until they are at the end of their rope before they go seek help. Pride is an evil thing. We rarely think twice about going to the Doctor, getting drugs, washing our car when it is dirty.

When we look at the value of our marriage then we will throw off the pretension that keeps us from preventing the end of the line in relationships and get serious about seeking all the help that is available.

Horizontal cut-offs (divorce) produces a much higher incidence of vertical cut-offs (between generations...your children).

Maintaining, preserving, and building the family unit is certainly a priority to God. He set up the standard and He wants to help us achieve it.  We are now only working with women and children and have some wonderful resources available for all members in and around the family. We use "Family Life" Resources along with Marriage Intensive Restoration from "Smalley" and encourage all couples to spend time at "A Weekend to Remember".

The same principles that work for healing work when applied to our marriages. Forget the diagnosis, fear, past experience that shows evidence that says we are not going to make it through (obviously in cases of abuse, God doesn't call us to be doormats either, it's clearly a time to separate). Choose to believe Gods word and know that He does provide. He will take care of us.

Find a Bible believing and practicing counselor. Preferably one who knows about Theophostic Prayer in terms of deep-seated issues. Someone well versed with EMDR or Equine therapy for cases involving trauma.

Normally dysfunctional marriages need a Bible practicing counselor familiar with the mind/body connections that cause "hijacking" of the brain, where our brain is literally rational thought is coming through. John Gottman is a trusted example.

In some more serious cases, the residence of strongholds that Satan may have taken in someone's life may call for experienced deliverance as can be found at "beinhealth" ministries, which is essentially free!!


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