Addictions are defined as anything that causes us harm and keeps us from Gods best. Areas of weakness that we can only get out of with His help.

We provide resources for God to treat symptoms coming from stress/fear/anxiety, unforgiveness, bitterness, negativity, pain, depression, and most all diagnosed "incurable diseases". Many people do not recognize these weaknesses in their life until they spend some quality-all-encompasing time with God. Testimonies of healing are amazing and cover everything. God is the God of the impossible. God is the fixer of the broken. And all we need to do is come to Him with humble hearts willing to find His will in "A more excellent way".

We have a "Healing House" available where women  can come and stay to nourish their soul. All the resources are provided for a mind-renewing experience. Equine therapy is part of the program along with a swimming pool and 15 acres of incredible surroundings. A creativity/recreation room with a pool table is also on the grounds.

Chemical Addictions are all based on a need to be loved. Great news is GOD REALLY IS LOVE....there is always hope.

The next time you see someone smoking, drugging, or drinking too much, do the world a favor and share a little extra love their way.

Additional resources are available for those who have been through a detox program.

Contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 662 380-0938 with your specific needs and for individualized options.

How Addiction works: “Who” lies to me and when I believe him, my body becomes out of balance I feel at dis-ease… I feel shame, guilt, and separation from love (God)-I don’t feel loved-I believe lies-my body feels bad-a temptation comes from the enemy-I eat a bag of cookies-I sinned because I didn’t look to God and His truth and love-I feel shame, guilt and separation from God-I don’t feel loved-We must receive God’s Love in place of an addiction. He is the only one that can fill us with love. Everything else will leave us wanting more. We have a God size hole that only He can fill……and unless we use God to fill it, only God knows what we’ll use. Carl Clawson, Recovering Addict and Pastor of Changepoint Church-"Most productive Church in North America", USA TODAY 2008, Anchorage, AK.

We offer communication  and help through different modalities and intensities for women and their families. If you have a medical diagnosis, contact us with the details and we can begin to help you understand the probable underlying mind/body connections. This makes it much easier to believe God for the healing. Accepting your healing is not easy, but it is simple.

Better living, Addictions, and walk-out from disorder and dis-ease support (females and/or Marriage and Family) is readily available when you ask. Additional Information is found under "To Your Health" tab and then "Crisis/Healing House", or just search them in our search box


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