Technique & Philosophy

Philosophy is the word the Bible uses to describe man's thinking.

We are going for learning God's word to imprint our hearts with His nature of life changing Love. Once we get how much He loves us, we cannot stay the same.

Techniques: The use of God's Holy Word until we are Christianized. The outcome is all that is promised: Old things are passed away and we are a new creation. He who has been set free is set free indeed. He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world. The Bible says we have all sinned...and are guilty of breaking the whole law...however, as saved children of God almighty, the Bible does not say we are sinners. Romans helps us understand that we are righteous because He says so. Sin has no dominion over us. God's righteousness has saved us from the law. His grace gives us the changing ability to do His will. Then we are truly children of God, joint heirs to the throne, and all God has is ours!

We offer communication  and help through different modalities and intensities for women and their families. If you have a medical diagnosis, contact us with the details and we can begin to help you understand the probable underlying mind/body connections. This makes it much easier to believe God for the healing. Accepting your healing is not easy, but it is simple.

Better living, Addictions, and walk-out from disorder and dis-ease support (females and/or Marriage and Family) is readily available when you ask. Additional Information is found under "To Your Health" tab and then "Crisis/Healing House", or just search them in our search box


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