Humbleness is knowing God stooped down to save us

Humbleness is knowing He is right and our thoughts and ways are not His ways until we know and agree with Him.

Humbleness means choosing to believe what He says.

We are right with Him. We have our righteousness in Him, and we are always alright with Him, and never face His wrath on Earth because He only sees us through Jesus' blood.

The natural laws and consequences are not Him punishing us. He has provided redemption for our weaknesses that allows us to rise above this natural world.


He also allows our choices and loves us and gently calls us to Him always. There is no room for force in the kingdom. He will always respect our rights to choose.


He asks us to choose life, choose blessings, trade our filthy rags of righteousness for Christ's. He has provided our victory thru Jesus.


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